Buyer's Guide to Funeral Insurance Plans

Laws of nature has made us all equal in that we all get born, live and then die. As life advances, we tend to increasingly think about that final moment in life and those of us who practise reason can prepare for a decent farewell. A number of companies can offer you various funeral plans for which you can pre-pay and with which you can rest assured you will be buried in the way you have chosen. Why would you need such a plan?

It's cheaper with a plan


A funeral now costs about £3,500, a surge from an average of £1,900 back in 2004. As there are no signs that inflation will abate, you can freeze the price at current prices with a funeral cover. This will make pricing more predictable for you. What is more, you will leave your surviving relatives relieved off a tangible financial burden in an emotionally strained moment.

Those who have bought insurance for over 50's must be aware that not all policies cover funeral director’s costs. Considering that the funeral expenses are increasing lately together with decreasing interest rates, they might find out that the money they are paying for their insurance will not cover the cost of a funeral service in the years to come.


You direct the procedure


By buying a funeral plan, you issue instructions how to conduct your funeral. You can select whether there would be limousines or just a hearse, whether there would be a viewing procedure, whether you would want to be buried or cremated, you can select the flowers and your coffin. All choices are at your disposal.



Standard or tailor-made


Of course, you would wish to run the fast-track and choose the standard offer which also tends to be mid-priced. If, however, you have special preferences, then declare them and prepare for a price mark-up.



Phased-out payment


Most funeral plan providers have become very flexible and they offer both the regular one-off payment and payment in monthly instalments, generally at zero or very low interest. Run a special review of options with individual providers and decide which one would suit you best.





Golden Charter offers flexible payment schemes for people of all ages. Review the plans available for people your age and extend the payment in a way in which you will never feel financial stress. Unlike many of its peers, prices here start at £2,200. Elsewhere, they begin at £3,200 and above.


With Dignity you have the chance to choose from several plans and compare them online. They claim your money is safe as they place it in an independent Trust Fund.


At Co-Operative Funeral Care, you can opt for Set and Tailor-made Funeral Plans alike. Read the things to consider before taking a final decision. If you wish to first inquire and then place a purchase, order the brochure Introduction to Funeral Plans.

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