How to File an Accident Claim that Pays Off?

If you have suffered an injury as a result of an accident, whatever the nature of either, you may be entitled to compensation. To obtain top compensation, make sure you have a professional by your side. It is worthwhile, especially in view of the practice of late which sees you pay a fee only if you win and pay nothing at all if you lose.

Poke for details and proof


Before contacting a specialist, you need to have figured out the basic facts which are to make your case. It is crucial that you reproduce the entire situation right before and after the accident with all the minute details that you can recollect. You should also evidence your situation with photo and/or video materials, as well as by a visit to a doctor. These will be your solid documental aides testifying objectively to the severity of your injury.


Accident claims types

What counts as an accident claim? See below:

- Road traffic accidents

- Work accidents;

- Accidents in public places;

- Slips, trips and falls;

All these are covered by different types of insurance companies and you need to contact respective authorities in order to claim your compensation.


Know top compensation

A component of your claim-related research should be finding the caps. Specialised websites have guides which will tell you what maximum compensation you can expect for injuring your ankle, feet, shoulder or ear, for example. Being informed will prevent you from being disenchanted over any court judgement or out-of-court settlement.


Know your chances to win

You do not have to be a specialist to know that you only stand chances to win if you are not at fault. It must be someone else's negligence or deliberate conduct to have cause the accident. If this important precondition is met, then you can safely pass on the matter to your lawyer. He/she will then handle the delicate procedural part of your case, namely fact-finding, case preparation, proceedings, receipt of compensation.

Do prepare to wait for the ultimate decision but do not linger with your claim. The sooner you file it, the higher the chances to win. Yet do not despair if time has passed. By law, you normally have three years to claim your compensation. 

If there is a fatal result in the accident, the limit to make a claim is one year from the date of the death. Bear in mind that if an accident has happened outside the UK, there will be different time limits according to the low of the country where the accident take place. In such case it is better to search for a legal advice to make your claim.



With first4lawyers you can start with a free injury assessment from a competent member of staff. An upside is that the hotline is on 24/7.

The National Accident Helpline touts being a long-time player on this market. Operational since 1993, they have helped thousands of people. They also promise you 100% compensation, meaning they will not take anything out of it.


Just file an online form at Injury Lawyers 4U and let the specialist do the rest with you and for you. Make sure you read the FAQ page. It will answer many of your questions before it has even occurred to you to ask them.

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